Our Process

Concept Development

This is the first phase of the production process and is the foundation on which everything else will be built.

We discuss the vision and direction of your company and what role this video plays in achieving that vision.

Once we have developed a solid understanding of your company's needs and concept for the video, we can discuss your budget constraints for the project. The budget is the ruler that we use to measure the amount of time and effort we can put into the concept that has been presented.

Pre Production

This is where we write the scripts, decide what graphical elements and shots will best communicate to “sell” the concept, and strategize the necessary steps to achieve the goals laid out in the Concept Development.

The storyboards and scripts will be presented to you for approval before moving to the next stage of production.


This is where the storyboard starts to come to life, as we begin capturing footage, composing music, and designing graphical elements necessary to communicate the concept.

We have a range of different artists with different styles and abilities, and will choose the artists that best fit your brand and style.

Post Production

This is where all elements created in Production are combined together in a creative manner. We focus on reconstructing the story effectively, but this time with all the developed materials available to us.

This is the polish; the process that really makes your production shine. This is done by animating the graphics, compositing, creating visual effects, editing, mixing and mastering audio, etc.

As specific milestones are reached, we will send them to you for approval regarding the overall direction. This assures that your project will be satisfactory upon final edit.


Congratulations! At this point your video is complete!

Now we will compress the video for the web, create DVDs or whatever is necessary for your video to be seen. You will receive a “Master” of your completed video.

From this point we can discuss cost for duplication (for short run) or replication (1,000 units or more).

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